The Inner Circle

     Every person who dreams of being a published author should have an inner circle of proof-readers.  These are people who may be readers or writers themselves, or they may have personal experience with the life and times portrayed in the story.  They are honest people, and they are the writer's best tool in perfecting her craft.
     Some of them will read the story, piece by piece, as it is written.  These readers provide instant feedback to the author, letting her know the reactions her plot receives.
     Some of them read the whole story after it is written, helping the writer identify the good and the bad in her story.  These readers help the author polish her book before it is released to the public.
     This inner circle gets to see a novel before anyone else does.  They get to be in on the ground floor of creation.  And they are a highly valuable and treasured team.
     If you are interested in becoming one of my inner circle of readers, leave a comment below.
     And thank you!

P.S. The comments on this page won't be published.  So you can leave your contact information and no one else online will see it.  :)

P.S.2. I particularly need a couple beta-readers for my secret project.  Let me know if you are interested!


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