Sunday, February 26, 2017

New House

I'm moving again! What a weekend! First, I bragged to Garrett about how much fun it is to move. Because, where I'm from, moving is like a party. All your friends get together, especially the hard workers with witty comments and awesome senses of humor. And you scrub walls and floors, refrigerators and stoves, crack jokes, tell stories, and exclaim over all the fascinating things you find in the new place. Then everybody jumps in and hauls boxes. Before you know it, you're done and you feel like you've just been to the best party ever.
After telling Garrett how moving is supposed to be, I contact my friends. And several say that they are either coming or MIGHT come. Great. Step one to the best moving day ever.

Except they don't show up.

Ah-hem. So much for bragging to Garrett.
I ran through all the reasons in my head. I'm just too far away -- it's not reasonable for them to come this far. Or maybe I didn't word my invitation right. Or maybe I'm just not popular enough. Or maybe it just happened to be really bad timing for EVERYBODY that I know. Or maybe God knew how much fun Garrett and I would have doing it ourselves.
And we truly did. It was an absolute blast doing it with Garrett all week. And both his parents and my mom and sister came to help. So it wasn't a big party, but God still sent the help we needed, and it turned out fabulously.

And now I'm sitting in my new house, which is halfway cleaned, surrounded by a mountain of boxes, absolutely delighted. More writing to come... Preferably after I find my computer. :D