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Rooglewood Countdown: 9 days!

So, here's my next question for you:
What is a time period you would like to see in this collection?  Renaissance?  Victorian?  Revolutionary War?  Civil War?  1920s?  1960s?  Modern?
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An Arranged Marriage - 12

Twenty minutes later, Detlef clasped his hands behind his back and gazed up the grand staircase.  Ilona would be coming down those stairs any minute.  And she would likely dance the first dance with Emil, since he won the fencing.  Emil was right – any attempts to expose him would be dismissed.But with his smooth, practiced flattery, would Ilona be able to see through him for herself?
    “I should have known I would find my little brother mooning about for the princess.”  The voice of his older brother, Matthias, was fondly mocking.  “You were always sentimental about her.”
    “As opposed to you, who thinks a king should have no heart.”  Detlef’s voice was tinged with bitterness.This was a long-standing argument between them.
    “It’s not that a king has no heart.  It’s that he cannot listen to it.  If I were as sentimental as you, it would throw the entire kingdom into disarray.”
    Detlef swung his leg, banging his foot against the bottom step of the staircase in a mournful rhyt…

Rooglewood Countdown: 12 days

For the next 12 1/2 days, as we do our final countdown until March 31st, I'm going to do 4 posts asking about something you would like to see in the Snow White collection.

     There are so many ways all of us, writers and readers alike, can win in this contest.  Maybe a familiar name makes it into the final five -- hurray!  Maybe a story in your favorite genre ended up in the collection this year -- woohoo!  Maybe you finally get to read a winning story about an evil king and his Snow White son -- how awesome!

     So, in celebration of all the many things we can root for, I want to know some of the things that you think would be cool to find in this year's set of winners.

     Without further ado, here is my question for the day:

What is a point of view you would like to see in this collection?  Would you like a story written from the prince's perspective?  A story from Snow White's perspective?  The evil queen's perspective?  A dwarf's perspective?  Wh…

Rooglewood Countdown: fast forwarded

Did I say 18 days?

How about 16!!!

Anyone and everyone is invited to join the Rooglewood contest Facebook page on March 31st for a very special announcement party. While the official announcement will be on April 2nd, we get a sneak peak 2 days sooner.

The party will celebrate, not only the five winners, but also the finalists and honorable mentions and perfect scores. It should be so much fun, and I can't wait to read about everybody's stories and see who won!

Furthermore, I have been assured that I don't have to keep the news a secret. So, even if you can't join the party, I can still share the exciting news with you before April 2nd.

So guess what -- the countdown just got fast-forwarded! Only 16 more days!!!

Rooglewood Countdown: 18 days

Guys!!!  We're almost there!
     It feels like this Snow White journey has lasted forever, but did you realize that at this time last year, we had no idea that we would be writing a Snow White story?  It was June before this year's fairy tale was announced.  And then I still had to decide if I was entering and what I would write.  For several months, I puttered along on my story while life caught me in its whirlpool of busy-ness.
     Then came crunch-time for me.  I was racing to finish it, to cut it down to size, and to polish it up enough for submission.  It was December before I submitted it to the judges.
     The deadline came on December 31st, although they extended it a little bit for some people.  But that was the day that I felt like the Round One judging started for real.  So it only feels like it's been in the judging phase for 2 1/2 months.  Except that it also feels like it's been FOREVER!!!!! Lol.
     But whether it feels like forever or it has p…

An Arranged Marriage - 11

The time allotted after each tournament for the women to dress for the evening ball was far too much for the men.  Detlef found himself stiff and starched for the night and with half an hour to spare.  He strolled out into the gardens, losing himself in his thoughts.
     Left to their own devices, his legs carried him toward the swing.  When it was only one bend away, he quickened his steps.  
     But as the bend in the path brought him face to face with the swing, it revealed the coveted spot to be already occupied…by Emil.  The blonde-headed young man lounged across the swing without respect toward its owner.  His winners laurel hung casually over one foot.  He lifted his head at Detlef’s approach, and a smirk covered his face.
    “How is your leg?”  His voice carried the sound of suppressed laughter, and his eyes mocked Detlef.
    Detlef ran his eyes over Emil, measuring him.  “I have something to say to you, and I may as well say it now than later.”
    Emil lifted one eyebrow …

Don't Run Away -- I'm Still Here

Greetings, my friends!  I am playing around with new blog designs.  So pardon my mess while I figure this out and experiment with ideas.  Things are looking different, but this is still me.       I am open to feedback if you see something you like or something you don't like about the way the blog layout is changing.  :D